Homemade neem soap

A simple recipe to make neem soap at home. It’s an homemade anti-bacterial soap that moisturize your skin while providing protection against germs & bacteria.

Neem is a medicinal herb which is being used from centuries for treating various health issues such as ulcers, wounds, removing toxins from body , boost immunity & it is commonly known for its anti-bacterial properties.

There are many other benefits of neem that it is not only used as a medicine but it is also widely used in herbal beauty products. Neem soap can be easily made at home which is very affordable and provides many benefits to your skin.


  1. Glycerin melt & pour soap base – 100 grm
  2. Rose water – 1 tsp
  3. Neem leaves – 2-3 bunch
  4. Any essential oil ( optional )
  5. Soap mold


Neem juice
  1. Wash neem leaves properly & drain the water
  2. Now take a grinding jar, add neem leaves
  3. Grind them coarsely, add a little water if required
  4. Now take a mash cloth or strainer and press leaves to take out its extract
  5. Keep this extract aside
  6. Now take a large utensil and add water in it
  7. Let the water boil, keep a small utensil and then add chopped soap base to melt it
  8. When the soap base melts completely, remove it from heat, add neem extract, rose water & essential oil ( optional )
  9. Mix everything properly and pour the mixture in the soap mold
  10. Now keep this for 2-3 hours to set and then your diy neem soap is ready for the use.


  1. Neem contains anti-bacterial & anti-microbial properties which helps to kill bacteria, germs and viruses on skin and it also prevents acne, pimple, fungal growth on skin
  2. It helps in cleaning skin deeply
  3. Provides your skin a natural glow
  4. Reduces itchiness, irritation & eczema.
  5. Rose water added in it act as a natural toner and provides your skin natural glow
  6. Glycerin moisturizes your skin and prevents dryness.
  7. You can easily make this soap at your home and also you can gift it to your friends as a diy herbal soap gift.




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