Looking for some cute, simple nail art designs ? That you can do yourself without any expensive tools. Then here is a collection of 15 pretty, easy and simple nail art designs for beginners.

The best thing about these nail art designs is you do not need to have a specific length for your nails. All these designs can be made on any length of nails.

1. Orange and sky funky nail art

Orange and sky nail art

This nail design is perfect for any trip, going out in summer. You can see there is nail sticker on the ring and middle.

You can replace this with any other sticker. If you have really good hand on drawing you can draw these colorful funky cats.

2. Rhinestones simple nail design

Red and pink nail art

Rhinestones are perfect for your nails if you want to go for any wedding, ceremonies or any other informal events.

This design is a perfect combination of solid and glitter nail polish with rhinestones.

3. Little heart nail art design

red nail art design

This super cute nail art design is just perfect for any day. All you need is a toothpick to create these 2 little hearts. Cherry and dusty rose nail colours goes very well together.

4. Glitter and solid nail art design

glitter nail designs

This nail design represents minimalism with a touch of glitters. All you need is a nude shade nail polish and a glitter nail polish.

You can always take these designs and replace the shades with the colours you already have.

5. Mixed colors nail art

mixed colors nails

This is again a funky, colourful, bright and simple nail design that does not require any tools. All you need is few solid shades of nail polishes.

It’s perfect for summers going out and makes you feel joyful and happy.

6. Pretty pink with glitter stripe

pink nail design

This is a minimalist nail art design for beginners. All you need is a solid shade nail polish and any glitter nail polish.

Simply apply solid shade polish and make a glitter stripe around your cuticles. This perfect for office going females of any age.

7. Glitter nails

Glitter nails

This nail design is a bright, colorful glittery nail design. All you need is some glitter nail polishes and a sponge to make your nails super happy and colorful.

Sponge would help you to get the opaque result as you can see in the above image.

8. Nude glitter nail art design

nude glitter nails

This nail design is simple, beautiful and easy to make. It’s super perfect for your prom party or any other occasion. You just need a chunky glitter nail polish and a glossy top coat.

9. Pink nail art with rhinestones

pink nail art with rhinestones

Pink nail polish and few little rhinestones is all you need to create this beautiful nail design. It’s super light and easy to make.

Goes well for your any event like wedding, going out for a date or any of your special event.

10. Cheetah nail art design

cheetah nails

I know this design is very common, but it’s an evergreen design that does not go out of trend. You can wear this design any time.

It always look super cute and trendy. Just need a nude shade, black nail polish and a toothpick to create this simple nail design.

11. Mauve with glitter nail art design

Mauve with glitter nails

Again this a minimalist and classy nail art design for any age. Just requires a glitter nail polish, solid shade nail polish and a sponge to get this pretty nail art.

It goes perfect for any occasion and daily wear.

12. Nude nail art design

nude nail art design

This nail design is a perfect example of minimalism. It’s super cute, simple and looks very formal. It’s amazing and just right for your formal events.

Also this is a daily wear nail design and perfect for office goers.

13. Purple pink nail art design

Purple pink nail art

Purple and pink colour goes very well together. This nail art design is perfect for any small occasion or going out on a trip.

14. Floral nail art design

Floral nail art design

Floral nails looks so cute and can be wore daily. This nail design is easy to make you just need toothpick to create these little flowers.

15. Pastel peach yellow nail art design

peach and yellow nail art

This is super super cute nail art design made with pastel shades. This nail design is so easy to make, all you need is pastel nail polish, chunky glitters to add shimmery touch.

This nail art design is perfect for any event and holidays.

nail art designs

Loved these nail art designs ? Pin the above image to save these designs. Also check out these 10 polka dot nail art designs.




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