How To Use Pinterest – To Get Free Website Traffic

In this article you will learn how you can use pinterest to get free traffic to your website.

How to use pinterest


Pinterest is basically a visual search engine, where people search for latest trends, cooking, fashion, beauty, clothing, saving tips, earning money online, to buy something etc. It cannot be explained in one line but it is a platform where you can find almost anything.

This is the reason why I love pinterest so much. If you are planning to start a blog or you have already started then I would suggest you to use pinterest as soon as you can.

Like any other platform it also has some limitations. Suppose your blog is about fitness and you are pinning about fitness all the time in a year. Pinterest focuses on seasonal trends also if Halloween or Christmas is about to come then it will focus more on Halloween or Christmas related pins.

Though there are seasonal changes in pinterest, it still can bring good traffic free of cost to your blog but remember it can take a little long time. So, let’s see how you can use pinterest to get free blog traffic.


The first step to use pinterest for your blog or website is to sign up for pinterest business account. It is a simple process just go to, hover over sign up and then fill the details asked for creating business account.


Your profile contains your name, your website, description, profile picture and some other details.

While filling your description make sure to add keywords related to your website or blog. This will help pinterest to understand what your account is about. You can see in the below image how I added keywords to my profile.

You can also see on the left side the claim option, so click on claim, a code will be shown and then add the given code on your website’s header to get your website claimed by pinterest.

Pinterest profile

So, In my profile description I added those keywords on which my blog is about. This way pinterest will understand and distribute my pins accordingly.

You can add your own picture or add your website logo or add any high quality stock image as your profile picture.

Though there are some other details which are optional such as your mobile number, address, city name etc. You don’t really need to fill these, it will make no difference but yes you can only if you want.


After creating your business account, filling your profile the next step is to make some pin boards in which you will add your pins. Pin boards are basically like notebooks you have.

Suppose you study different subjects and have different notebooks for them, the same way pin boards are. Like I blog about beauty recipes, home remedies, blogging tips, diy, natural lifestyle etc.

So, I created different boards for each category. You can see in the image below how I named the boards. Always give to the point names to your board. Because pinterest cannot understand vague terms.

When you are just starting it is best to make 5 boards, because In the beginning we do not have that much content to pin. By the time you create more blog post, add some new categories to your blog then you can create new board and add your pins.


When you create your board, you will get the option to add description about your board. So add keywords to the description of your board

Let’s take an example, if your board name is Dinner recipes, then you can add keywords like best dinner recipes, quick dinner recipes, simple dinner ideas etc.

The best way to add these keywords is to use pinterest search bar. When you will write dinner recipes in pinterest search bar. You will see some colored blocks below, written with popular keywords about dinner recipes.

Pinterest recipes

You can see in the above image some colored blocks with popular keywords. So, In this way you can use search bar to add keywords to your board description. Also you can skip this and add your own keywords to the point.

SO, You have created your business account, added your profile details, made pin boards. Now your pinterest account is ready to add pins.

To be honest there is no one single way to add pins that will bring traffic to your website. Those who are successful they have their own different ways to add pins. But one thing which is common is the consistency.

If you be consistent on pinterest, I can guarantee you it will bring good traffic to your blog. Pinterest is a long term game. Do not expect that it will bring you overnight results. If you keep playing this game, you will get the results.


To start pinning your content and before you start using pinterest business account you should have at least 10 blog post, because without them you cannot get any benefit.

So, let’s suppose you have 10 blog post on your website. Those blog post can be of different categories or those can be from only one category, if your blog is only about one category.

You have to make 5 pin boards, name them to the point, if your blog covers different categories like mine then you can easily create 5 different boards.

But if you blog about only one topic, I guess that one topic would be broad. Simply because narrow topic cannot be run for longer time.


Like I cover different topics the same way you can make different boards. If your blog is about cooking. You can then make 5 boards ( you can increase the number of boards later as you grow ). Like

  1. Dinner recipes
  2. Breakfast recipes
  3. Lunch recipes
  4. Easy recipes
  5. Quick recipes

You can name them according to your topics.


You can always increase categories on your website so that you more options to write content. But in the starting when you cover only one broad topic, then you can divide that one topic into different categories.

Let’s suppose you blog about fitness, then you can divide this one broad topic like

  1. Fitness tips
  2. Healthy eating
  3. Healthy living
  4. Health & fitness
  5. How to get fit

Like above board names you can choose any board names according to your particular topic.

So, let’s know how to pin

You have now made 5 boards, added best keywords in description, now you can start pinning your content

Start creating 3 pins for each of your blog post. So 10 blog post 3 pins for each, which means you have 30 pins. You can pin these 30 pins for the next 10 days.

You can use tailwind to schedule your pins but I don’t personally use tailwind for scheduling my pins. I use pinterest scheduler, which also known as pin builder

Let’s suppose today is your first day to pin your content, you have 5 pin boards, save some related pins from third party to your boards. Like you can save 5 pins to your each board from others. This will help pinterest to understand what your account and board is actually about.

Now you have some pins on your boards, it’s time schedule your own pins. Choose 3 boards, which can be your main boards and schedule your first 3 content in those 3 boards.

In the same way schedule your next 3 blog post in your boards for the next day and again schedule your next 3 blog post to the next day.

I think it may be a bit confusing, So, I made a chart which will show you how you can pin you 10 blog post, with 30 pins for the next 10 days.

How to schedule pins on pinterest

So, the above chart makes you clear. I suggest you to schedule these 30 pins in one day then you will have 10 days to make more blog post.

You have now scheduled your 10 blog post, in daily 3 boards, just mix and match while yo schedule your pins. It does not mean that if have 3 main boards, you only have to schedule in them.

Schedule in other 2 boards also, So everyday you will pin your 3 post and then open the pinterest everyday choose 2 best, popular 3rd party pin and save them in your 2 boards.

This way you will save 5 pins everyday, this will help pinterest understand what your account is about, this will increase your impressions and by the time you will start getting traffic. Only if be consistent.

When you are just starting it is a bit hard working thing, but when you will grow then you will be able to make your own pinning strategy according to the time you get the most visitors, according to your audience, the pins which gets the most traffic.

You can use the above pinning strategy for about 3 months, create new blog post, be consistent and do not give up.

Now, you have a plan to pin. Let’s see how to pin the correct way

How to pin
  1. Go to create pin
  2. Select your board
  3. Add title to your pin
  4. Add pin description
  5. Add alternative text
  6. Add your blog post link
  7. Select the time
  8. Then publish

You can see in the above image how the best title is added along with some best keywords. It’s a simple, clean and easy to understand description.


  1. Be consistent and follow one plan for few months.
  2. Add best keywords in title, description and alternative text while scheduling your pin
  3. Use the best image the relates with your topic, add bold text fonts to your pins, add eye catchy text to your pins
  4. If you are saving image from stock sites, I suggest you to rename them with their actual name, it also helps pinterest to understand your image
  5. When you make different pins for same blog post try to change title a bit, change the image, font and text to make it look more fresh ( because nowadays pinterest focuses more on fresh pins )
  6. Apply for rich pins, to get more traffic
  7. Save 3rd party popular pin directly from their website
  8. Check your notifications, analytics to get the data about your pins
  9. The pins that get more saves, clicks, shares. Then make the same pin again changing it’s look a slight and again pin it
  10. After some time, you will be able to obtain that when you get the most visitors through pinterest, by checking your google analytics
  11. Then you can schedule your pins more on that time
  12. Follow those people which are related to your blog topic
  13. See for some best group boards. Which are related to your topic and message them that you want to join the group board
  14. Use tailwind free plan and share your blog post their by choosing best tailwind communities.


Pinterest is an amazing platform where you can get lots of free traffic to your website or blog. As I told you above you will not see results overnight. It takes time build audience.

Just be consistent, make a plan and follow it for few months and if does not work change the plan not the goal. Do not give up you can also do if others can do….

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