How To Take Screenshot In computer And Laptop – Save As An Image

In this article You will learn how you can easily take a screenshot in computer and laptop. You will also learn to save the screenshot as an image file.

How to take screenshot

If you run a website or blog or do your work online, it becomes important to capture important things on your computer and laptop. You also need screenshots to add in your blog post and there are so many other things.

It’s a very simple process which takes only 5 seconds. So, let’s see the step by step method to take screenshot in computer and laptop.

STEP 1 :


Choose a page on your computer or laptop you want to capture and save as an image

STEP 2 :


Then press Print Screen button on your keyboard. On some keyboard it is written in short form as PrtScr. You just have to press it once

STEP 3 :

Microsoft paint

Then go to windows paint, on the blank page left click your mouse, then press Ctrl V from your keyboard. This will paste the screenshot on the blank page

STEP 4 :


Go to file and hover over save as, then save your screenshot as JPEG picture. Name it and done.

So, This process is an easy method to take screenshots it just take around 5 seconds. You can also save as an PNG picture, if you want a high quality image.

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